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Anxiety & Humility

We begin this chapter seeing how the elders are to lead: having willing, eager oversight by being examples to the church. In other words, they are to be good leaders. This is not to be an area of pride, but rather they are to be models of what it means to be a Christian. This ministry is tough, so there is the encouragement that they will “receive the unfading crown of glory” (v 4).

It is in humility that we are to do all things (v. 5). There are a lot of sins that we tolerate (especially in ourselves), and it seems pride is one of the main ones. Too often it is easy to be prideful and not walk in humility. This is why we are told to “clothe” ourselves in humility. Wrap it around you. Make it part of you. It is important to do this, for God gives us the result if we don’t - opposition. God will oppose those who are proud. A question that often comes to my mind is, “Do I really want God 'opposing' me?” The thought should bring a resounding NO!!! I don’t want God “opposing” me; I want God FOR me! He tells us to then humble ourselves before Him. But what does that look like? Does humility look like ashes on our head and a sullen face? I believe verse 6 gives us a key - One of the greatest ways to show humility is to "cast all your anxieties on Him.” This shows, we aren’t in control, we don’t need to worry, we simply need to trust in the Lord. Pride is the opposite, saying we can be anxious and carry the burden alone. We need to walk by faith. Notice He doesn’t say we won’t have anxieties, but in humility we are to cast them on Him. The reason why we can do this is simple: He cares. This is a truly astounding thought. The God of the entire universe actually cares about our anxieties. To carry them around on our own is prideful. To cast them on Him is humility.

Today no doubt will bring anxieties and troubles. Know you aren’t in control, worrying won’t add anything to the problem (Matt 6), but you have Someone who cares deeply about you. So humbly cast your burdens on Him, because the God of Heaven cares. May the Lord be with you today. 

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