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Bethel Church and "Healings"

In my sermon on Sunday, I spoke about Bethel Church, a modern day charismatic church that teaches and believes in modern day healings (Even though they are now doing only online church due to the Coronavirus). They are so influential because of the mass amount of music they produce. Their view of "healing" is that Jesus already healed you, a sort of "claim it" theology. Jesus can't do more than He already did - He already healed you, so claim it. They totally misconstrue Isaiah 53:6 which teaches by "His stripes we are healed." It's not spiritual, it's physical. They encourage people to come to their "Healing Rooms" and to experience it. Here is what they describe these Healing Rooms as: "The Healing Rooms is a ministry that is pursuing the Holy Spirit and His healing power. We are creating a place for Him to bring life, wholeness and love to those who are suffering from physical ailments. It is a place where passionate, joy-filled believers gather to host the presence of God and see Him bring complete restoration and healing." You can see their video HERE in which the leader quotes Isaiah 53:6 and encourages people to believe "This healing belongs to me because of what Jesus has done." He prays for you right there on the video and say "You have full permission to get healed right now." For a more thorough evaluation, Joe Carter at the Gospel Coalition has written about them HERE if you would like to learn 9 Things You Should Know about the Bethel Church Movement. There is no doubt, this is false teaching and should be avoided.

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