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Christ Is Supreme Over All

In today’s reading, we see the author of Hebrews making much about Jesus. Making much, may be an understatement. He is revealing that Jesus is supreme above all others. Specifically, Jesus is supreme over the angels. Quoting various OT references (7 to be exact), he concludes with one of the grandest and often quoted Psalms in the OT, Psalm 110, which speaks of the conquering King coming to rule. Truly God never said to any of the angels, “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.” This shows that Christ is supreme over all and that includes us. How do we truly view Christ? Do we view Him like Hebrews 1 makes Him out to be, the sovereign, supreme Ruler, the coming conquering King or is our view of Christ too low? Today, just pause and consider that we have the blessing to know and fellowship with the Lord of all creation and then seek to know and fellowship with Him.

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