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Don't Show Partiality

In this morning’s reading, we are told that we who have faith in Christ are not to show partiality (v. 1). The reason James warns of this is that it’s easy to do. It is easy to give preference to the rich man rather than the poor man. Yet we must remember that all people are made in the image of God. James reminds us that God has chosen the poor in this world to be “rich in faith” and “heirs of the kingdom” (v. 5). Have you ever noticed that the poor are more likely to come to church than the rich? The rich can be tempted to feel as though they are self-sufficient and don’t need God. The poor, not so much. Let us not make judgments based on outward appearances or by economic standards. Riches are fleeting. One day you are rich, the next day it is all gone. As Christians, our standard is not how rich are we in the bank account, but rather how rich are we in faith! How about us? Do we follow the teaching of James in the regard of showing partiality? May the Lord be with you.

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