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Focus on the Family: Teaching Children to Be Peacemakers

Sometimes with our children we can feel more like referees than parents! In today’s article, Focus on the Family gives some helpful steps to teaching your children how to resolve conflict. If we are able to help our children have wisdom in this area, it will not only be a blessing to our lives now, but will equip them to know how to handle conflict throughout their lives in a way that glorifies our Savior.

Ken Sande offers twelve key principles to help your children learn to be peacemakers. He writes:

“Conflict is an opportunity. By handling it right we get a chance to glorify God, serve others, and become better people. Conflict is not necessarily bad or destructive. Even when conflict is caused by wrong-doing and causes a great deal of stress, it can lead to good. You can use conflict to:

• Glorify God (by trusting, obeying, and imitating Him)

• Serve other people (by helping to bear their burdens or by confronting them in love)

• Grow to be like Christ (by confessing wrong and turning from attitudes that promote conflict)

“These concepts are totally overlooked in most conflicts because people naturally focus on escaping from the situation or overcoming their opponent. Therefore, it is wise to step back from a conflict and ask yourself whether you are doing all you can to take advantage of these special opportunities.”

You can read the whole article HERE

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