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Jesus Is a Better High Priest

Today we consider Jesus, who is a better high priest. No one could grow up and just determine he wanted to be a high priest. A high priest had to be appointed and chosen by God (v. 4). High priests had to be patient and caring for the people, which is why a high priest had to be a human, so he would understand the weaknesses the people underwent (v. 2). There is no room for pride but for understanding and care from the priests. Jesus underwent the temptations, yet He did not sin. However, He understands what it is like to go through what we go through. While our sin is never excused or overlooked, it can be forgiven. Jesus was made perfect and “He became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey Him” (v. 9). Does "obey Him" mean to obey all His commands? Surely not, for if that is the case we are right back where we started. Obey means to obey the command to repent and believe the gospel (Mark 1:15). In the gospel we find forgiveness. For Jesus is not a high priest after Aaron, but after the order of Melchizedek (Psa 110:4). Thus believers can rest assured today that Jesus not only is patient with your weaknesses, He also forgives your sin. He is better than any priest. He is our Great High Priest.

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