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Mourning to Dancing

In the preceding verses, we saw how David was afflicted in life. We can relate because everyone experiences it. Trials in life seem to overcome us at times. They knock us to the ground some times and we don’t know where to turn. Sometimes it is even easy to question God, even asking where He is in times like these. 

David’s goal, however, isn’t to escape all the issues but rather to praise the LORD in song and to give thanks to Him. That’s where he wants to end up. Instead of being frustrated and bitter, he desires to be in right relationship with God, His Deliverer. 

David turns to the Lord for mercy and to cry out to Him. It is not his desire to die, he wants to live, but that’s not his goal. His goal is to have a different outlook. His desire is not to have the circumstances change but rather to have his relationship change. He wants to grow closer to the LORD, realizing that if he has the LORD he truly has everything. This is why he can say, “You have turned for me my mourning into dancing.” He has taken his garments of weeping and put on him clothes of pure joy. What happened? Did his circumstances change? Maybe. Maybe not. But what did change is that David’s eyes are off of his circumstances and his focus is on the Lord being his mercy and his helper. Christian, when we focus on the goodness of an Almighty, Sovereign, Righteous, Merciful God, when we set our affections on Him, then and only then can our “mourning be turned to dancing.” What are your affections set on? 

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