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Rejoice in Election

Peter is writing to the elect exiles. There is much to be understood by this phrase. First, Peter understands they are elect, or chosen. He realizes that they are followers of Christ, not because they chose God, but because He chose them. This was based not on their merit but rather on the work of the triune God. In verse 2, we see work done by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in election: The Father has foreknown (relational knowledge, not mere intellectual prescience), the Spirit sanctifies believers, and the Son obeyed the Father and shed His blood for the elect. This was all based on God’s mercy v. 3. We see the Father has “caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” We didn’t cause our own being born again, it was God who did this for us. The incredible blessing that God allows us to see is that, not only are we elect, but we have an “inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading.” But what if we lose this? The promise of God is we can’t. It is kept in heaven for us v. 4 and that God is guarding even our faith. In other words, we will persevere in our faith because of God’s power and protection. He tells us in verse 6 to rejoice in this, despite the fact we’ll encounter trials. Here we see the doctrines of grace. They are not for mere intellectual stimulation and debate, but are rather for our comfort, joy, and encouragement. Are you looking today to yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your performance for joy? Look to the great mercy of our great God and His grace. May the Lord be with you today!

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