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Sing to the Lord!

David encourages us to sing to the Lord. Singing is a really interesting thing. Think about the depth of meaning in singing. You may “talk” with your co-worker, but would you “sing” to him or her? Same for a neighbor, distant relative, or cashier. That would be insane to sing to these people. You sing a soothing lullaby to a newborn baby or maybe a love song to your spouse. Singing is special, something reserved only for the most special of people. Which is why David sings to the Lord. He gives the reason why - His anger is for a moment, but His favor is for a lifetime. What a beautiful concept to ponder. God disciplines us for a moment, but His enduring love is forever.  David in v. 6, perhaps, is speaking of one of those times he needs discipline. He thinks he is the man. He thinks he is unmovable, he has made the nation secure. After all, he is the king, right? He’s killed his ten thousands. He is living in a great time of Israel’s prosperity. But it was God’s favor, His grace, which knocked him down so he could see truth. Standing ourselves, we fall. The mountains we build are crushed. But when by God’s grace, He disciplines us, bringing us to a right understanding of who He is and who we are, He gracefully sets us up again and allows us to make a mountain again, only this time, it stands strong. When the Lord hides His face, His favor is not upon us. It should bring dismay.  We know the Lord disciplines His children (Hebrews 12:5-11). Let us not despise it. Let us be thankful for it. Let us look to God for our security! And let us be thankful to the Lord for who He is and sing to Him for the glory of who He is!

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